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2009/11/20、中田朝子Birthday Eve SPECIAL LIVEにて
Your Blue Sky-AcousticA- at O-East in Shibuya Japan
This Movie was taken by one of AcousticA's Fans. there were more than 300 people in this music event, Wed 17th June 2009, at O-East in Shibuya. This Event hall is very famous in Japan. The movie is not so clear but the sound is so nice. AcousticA played only one song, but when they performed, the audience really enjoyed that moment.
Your Blue Sky-AcousticA-
AcousticA Singer SongwriterのAkai Tonkoと中田朝子から成るユニット。2009年3月に結成。以来、コンスタントにイベントやライブ活動を行う。 Simpleなアコースティックサウンドと透明感のある­ハーモニーで高い評価を得る。2009年秋前にSingleCDをRelease決定。曲は「We are friends」「Your Blue Sky」。
Happy Birthday(LIVE)−中田朝子−

2009/05/09、Shibuya Wasted Timeにて